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Our aboutGolf Simulators are the leading golf simulator in the industry, with over twenty years of dedicated research and development. These optical based launch monitors are incredibly accurate, all the way from driving to putting. You will not find a more accurate and entertaining golfing experience around!
  • Tee it up on any one of the more than 40 available courses, including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, TPC Sawgrass, and Harbour Town.
  • Our simulators give you the ability to dial in your distances and engage in detailed practice sessions on a variety of driving range modes.
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Swing & Balance Analysis

Book our Swing & Balance Analysis Simulator! When booking your tee time, specify that you are looking to book the Swing & Balance Analysis Simulator. Pricing is an additional $10/hour, and gives you full access to the swing analysis cameras and force plates (force plates only available for right-handed golfers at this time). The cameras record your swing from two angles, head on and down the line, for a great view of what is taking place during your swing. The force plates allow you to see both your weight distribution on each individual foot, as well as your weight shift between your left foot and right foot. The balance data and videos are synced up, so you can see at each point of your swing where your weight is. These tools are extremely helpful, if you know what you're looking for, or if you're here working with a teaching professional. During your first Swing & Balance Analysis Simulator rental, we will show you how the system works, so that you can access all of the data you're looking for. Book the Swing & Analysis Simulator today!


Trackman Practice Sessions now available at Albatross! When booking your tee time, specify that you are looking for a Trackman Practice Session. Pricing is the same as standard simulator rental. Trackman is trusted and used by hundreds of PGA Players, PGA Instructors and the top club equipment manufacturers and fitters. The ball and club data that you are able to gather and analyze for practice is second to none. During your first Trackman Practice Session, we will show you how the Trackman works, so that you are able to determine what information you'd like to utilize during your first and future sessions. Book your Trackman Practice Session today!

Tee Times

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PLEASE NOTE: Simulator time is charged per simulator (NOT PER GOLFER) and can be divided evenly among all members of your group.
30 minutes
15 minutes

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Contact us about our Albatross run leagues or to schedule weekly tee times for private leagues.


Contact us to organize your own private tournament or outing. Our state of the art simulators have match play and scramble scoring options, perfect for a business golf outing or a tournament for your charitable organization!